B2B Lead Generation Services That Drive Results.

We take care of lead generation for you, including manually researching every prospect, running award-winning email campaigns and personalising every email we send.

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"We've added £500,000 to our pipeline which was generated entirely by campaigns run by Gravitas.io" Martyn Barnett Managing Director
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Leads x Conversions = Sales

Gravitas.io generates leads and helps improve your conversion rate. This results in more sales and real traction delivered fast.

  • Before Gravitas: 20 Leads x 10% conversion = 2 Sales.
  • After Gravitas: 40 Leads x 15% conversion = 6 Sales.

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We have proposals out worth £500,000

“One of the most impressive things about working with Gravitas is that they save me a tremendous amount of time. Doing business development on my own took a lot of time, we didn’t have systems or tech in place to scale time which was very difficult as I have many things to do. Having begun working with Gravitas I was initially concerned I would still need to invest a lot of my own time, but this hasn’t been the case at all. 3 months in and Gravitas.io works autonomously on their own, meetings have been set with 15 enterprise accounts and we have proposals out currently worth over £500,000 which is amazing!”

Martyn Barnett Vice President and Managing Director
Ground Support Labs, London
Retail technology provider
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We just can’t keep up with the leads

"We cannot keep up. We just can't keep up with the leads at the moment. It's been really good and we've obviously got loads of leads, I'm super impressed. We have received so many leads that we did in fact need to pause the campaign to let us catch up! We first worked with Gravitas on one of our clients accounts where they delivered 67 leads in 3 months. We then decided to ask them to help us with our lead gen and it's been very successful.”

Claire Williams Partner
The SME Partners
End to end marketing Consultancy
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I’ve been with Gravitas.io for 18 months

“I've been working with Gravitas.io now for over 18 months and in that time they have helped bring on board multiple new clients as well as partners who resell my services. My LinkedIn account has grown by thousands which has increased our brand awareness and additionally this new network now generates enquiries on a regular basis. Working with Gravitas.io is easy and doesn't take up unnecessary time out of my day. We keep in touch using Slack and I'm updated on any enquiries I should be aware of. I endorse their service and look forward to working together in the future.”

David Lloyd Director
Grey Monarch
SAP security consultancy
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Gravitas.io accounts for 50% of our leads

“Gravitas has helped us generate leads across two of our software products and booked meetings with many well known brands. We have been working with the team at gravitas now for over 18 months and they’ve helped us with Thought Leadership, email and linkedin campaigns.Gravitas.io is currently generating 50% of our leads for one of our business units.I fully endorse their service.”

Howard Williams Commercial Director
Parker Software
UK's largest enterprise live chat SAAS
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Why Gravitas.io?

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How we help

  • Packages to suit companies at different stages.
  • Grow your pipeline with our outbound email campaigns.
  • Position yourself as an industry leader and increase conversions with our Thought Leadership content.
  • Save time and effort – We take care of everything for you.
  • No need to hire sales development reps, content writers    or marketers.
  • You don’t need a database- We hand research your ideal prospects.
  • No tech stack required, we manage everything.

“Gravitas helped secure our largest client and generated over £70,000 in new revenue in 6 months” img description Tal Zohar CEO, ArtuData
“I won 2 new clients within 30 days of working with Gravitas including a global financial institution.” img description William Hartley Managing Director, Pilcrow

The Problem With Hiring an internal Team

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  • £52K/$72,000 – The total cost to hire a sales rep.
  • 6 months – The average time for a rep to ramp up.
  • 45% – The average turnover rate of sales staff.
  • 57% – The percentage of reps not hitting quota.
  • £600 /$835 – The technology stack needed for a CRM, finding emails, sending emails, verifying emails, images etc.
  • £60K/$83K – The cost for an internal content writer for thought leadership content.
  • Time – 100’s of hours needed to hire, train and manage an internal team.

Questions and Answers

  • How do you generate leads for my business?

    The best way to generate leads economically is to identify your ideal client profile, research a list of target accounts that are perfectly suited for your business, map out the decision makers at those accounts and reach out to them by email. Email delivers traction fast and economically by going straight to the decision makers you want to do business with. 

    A personalised email with a strong call to action generates leads fast. Getting leads is half the battle, we still need to convert those leads to sales. We research our clients leads manually which ensures we have the most accurate prospect list possible rather than using databases that every other company is using and contacting. We use proven email campaigns we know deliver high results, we guarantee a minimum of 100 leads in the first six months working together. This allows 30 days to research leads, write campaigns and optimise your campaign.

  • How do you help my business convert more leads to sales?

    We position you and your business as a leader and expert in your industry. We do this by interviewing you, gathering your views, opinions and creating highly engaging thought leadership content that we post on your LinkedIn profile. 58% of decision makers said thought leadership content directly led to a project being awarded. 61% have said that they are prepared to pay a premium to organisations publishing thought leadership content. 

    Everyone is competing on product and features, by posting thought leadership content that educates your prospects, helps them and gives them value you are elevating yourself above the competition. You are no longer competing on the same level as you are now perceived as being the industry leader, the expert in your field who prospects turn to when they have a problem you solve. 

    Thought leadership works well by indirectly influencing your prospects without selling to them. We connect with your prospects on Linkedin and let the thought leadership content do the influencing. 

  • How much time do I need to dedicate when working with Gravitas.io

    At the start of the project we will ask you to answer a list of questions on an online form. The answers to the questions help us understand several parts of your business. The first is a set of questions to identify what are the ideal accounts we should target, the second is to identify the decision makers within the accounts who are decision makers and the third section is about your business, your service and your offering. You will need approximately 1 hour to fill in the form, then we have an onboarding call to go over the questions together which takes approximately one hour. 

    We also require a few hours of your time to provide feedback on the first batch of leads we research and on the email campaign we create. So in the first month when we are getting things set up we require 4 hours in total. Then moving forward if you are working with us on thought leadership we need one hour per month where you will be interviewed by our content writer and finally we suggest having a catch up call to go over the campaign every two weeks for 30 minutes to one hour. In summary the first month we need four to five hours then moving forward 1.5 hours to 3 hours per month.

  • I’m worried about spamming my prospects and this having a negative impact on my reputation.

    I completely understand your concern and I agree when I receive an email that isn’t relevant, personalised and is obviously automated I will probably put it to spam as well. What we do at Gravitas.io is nothing like this and in fact the campaigns we run improve our clients brand and reputation even when prospects aren’t interested. 

    Let me explain, first of all we spend a lot of time ensuring the contacts we reach are highly relevant to your service. There is a reason we are contacting them specifically and your business is simply offering value. We aren’t simply spraying and praying, we take the time to research companies that are highly accurate to your solution. As an example we worked with a company who sold display technology to medical device manufacturers. My team manually went through a list of medical companies, went to their website and made sure they sold a device that actually had a display. By doing this we know the solution has high relevance to their business. 

    The second aspect that makes our campaigns very different is that they are highly personalised. We go way beyond first name, and company name, we have a team whose entire job is to write a personalised first line for every single prospect. This line could be congratulating them on a recent award they won, or a new factory they opened and it’s entire goal is to highlight to the prospect that we have taken the time to sit down, research their company and write to them 1 on 1. This makes a significant difference in driving results and replies. 

    Finally, we create bespoke call to actions for each of our clients that provide as much value as possible. When you are reaching out to a prospect wanting to give them something or help them in some way it’s very difficult to be annoyed at the approach. We see remarkable replies from prospects thanking us for reaching out to them and wishing us well even when there is no immediate interest in the service.

  • Do you contact prospects' personal emails?

    No we never contact a personal email address as this would be outside the scope of GDPR. We only contact people at their work email address. We never contact any emails that include gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.

  • How many leads do you contact per month on email?

    This depends on a few factors but we add between 400 – 600 new leads each month into the email campaign. Each one of these leads is personalised and is an individual email. Over the entire month we send in total 1000’s of emails as we send a minimum of 4 email sequences in a campaign.

  • Is sending 4 emails to a prospect too much? Will the prospect feel we are overdoing it?

    Four emails is fairly conservative in terms of an email campaign. Each email we send is coming from a different angle so it’s not repetitive and you would be amazed how many prospects thank us for being persistent. People are busy, they have a lot on their mind and following up is critical to achieving strong results. The key is to do it in a respectful manner, each time we always provide a method for a prospect to opt out of any further emails. In fact the final email in our campaign has one of the highest response rates.

  • What happens when a prospect opts out of the email campaign?

    A campaign manager is assigned to manage your inbox. When a prospect responds that they don’t wish to receive any further correspondence we acknowledge this if they ask for it, we unsubscribe them from our email platform so they will never receive another email. At the start of your campaign we will ask you for a list of accounts that we should not contact, we then add their linkedin company ID which acts as a unique identifier. Every time we add new leads we make sure none of the companies on the DNC list are included. 

    When a prospect opts out depending on the size of the target account we will continue to email the other prospects. For instance, imagine we are approaching Amazon, you are not going to remove them as a prospect just because one marketing manager out of 100 tells us they don’t want to receive an email. We remove that one prospect from the campaign and then continue the campaign sending to everyone else. If however the account is a small to medium sized business and a C level prospect has categorically ruled them out as a prospect then we would add that account to the do not contact list.

  • How do your packages work?

    Our Email package includes creating a bespoke to go market strategy for your company. This includes creating a call to action that is unique to your business. We handle all the research, finding new leads and validating email addresses. We build the campaign content for you using proven methods and techniques we have seen work before. We manage your campaign for you and report all leads to you live in google sheets so you can manage your follow ups. We typically guarantee a minimum of 100 leads in 6 months which allows one month for set up and 5 months generating a minimum of 1 lead per day. 

    Our thought leadership package includes interviewing you on a Zoom call and writing  3 highly engaging thought leadership posts per week and posting on your Linkedin account. We boost your posts to ensure your posts are seen by as many people as possible, we do this by joining engagement pods where other business owners like each other’s posts. This is always done to look natural. Our clients’ posts have generated massive engagement, over 50 comments and our largest post generated 25,000 views with regular posts generating 4000 views. We build your network on LinkedIn by connecting with highly relevant prospects. The thought leadership content we produce is of the highest quality and if you look through our examples above you will get an idea for what we do. We are not directly selling your services, instead we are positioning you as an industry leader, an expert in your field which ultimately leads to higher conversions and sales.

The Gravitas.io Team

Our team are based around the world including the USA, Israel, Poland, UK, Ukraine and the Philippines. Each team member brings a specialist skill set that helps our clients achieve great results.

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    Managing Director

    Connor Addis

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    Campaign Manager

    Shirgie Fulgencio

  • img description
    Head of Research

    Ivan Dynko

  • img description
    Senior Campaign Executive

    Kristine Baguio

  • img description
    IT Advisor / Email deliverability Expert

    Vasiliy Leshchuk

  • img description
    Content Writer

    Lauren Yates

  • img description
    Email Deliverability

    Kyle Marpa

  • img description
    Campaign Executive

    Veronica Alejandro

  • img description
    Campaign Executive

    Lealyn Juliano

  • img description
    Campaign Executive

    Mary Grace Estrera

  • img description
    Campaign Executive

    Kareen Mancao

Message from Managing Director

“I started selling home improvement products door to door on 100% commission when I was 22 years old which taught me early the importance of results. Since then I’ve set sales records at the largest real estate company in Europe and bootstrapped several companies to £1,000,000. I now dedicate myself to helping my clients achieve industry leading results with the same bootstrapped and results orientated mentality. The best marketing strategy is having happy clients and I hope the testimonials on our site show you how hard my team and I work to achieve this. I’d love to show you exactly how we can help your business on a demo call soon.”

Connor Addis Managing Director , Gravitas

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