More than a marketing agency

The key to our success is our

peer generated insights.

At any given time, only 5% of your potential market is interested in buying your product or service (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute). Unfortunately, a lot of companies focus their marketing and sales efforts on a product and service-led narrative. The problem with this approach is that 95% of the decision-makers they are targeting aren’t interested in their businesses. Instead, they are interested in hearing how their industry peers overcome challenges similar to theirs.

Gravitas reaches out to your ICP buyers to gather insights and turn these insights into content which is used at different stages across the buying cycle in both marketing and sales to attract, engage and convert high-value sales transactions.

Gravitas helps its clients go to market with an insight-led approach (and without a vendor-led sales pitch) to gain the attention of decision-makers and dramatically increase the chances that buyers will engage.

Since being founded in 2019 by former Tech sales professionals, Gravitas has been helping UK and European technology companies improve demand and lead generation results to accelerate their revenue pipeline. Gartner research reveals that approximately 43% of B2B buyers would prefer to buy without having to talk to a vendor sales rep, so traditional approaches to vendor-led lead generation simply don’t work well.

We maintain offices in central Europe and an international staff that includes a network of market researchers and Tech industry professionals to support our clients.