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Since being founded in 2019 by former Tech sales professionals, Gravitas has been helping UK and European technology companies improve demand and lead generation results to accelerate their revenue pipeline. Gartner research reveals that approximately 43% of B2B buyers would prefer to buy without having to talk to a vendor sales rep, so traditional approaches to vendor-led lead generation simply don't work well.
We maintain offices in central Europe and an international staff that includes a network of market researchers and Tech industry professionals to support our clients.
The key to our success is our peer generated insights.
At any given time only 5% of your potential market have some intent to buy your product or service (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute). Unfortunately a lot of companies lead their marketing and sales efforts with a product and service led narrative. The problem with this approach is 95% of the decision makers you are targetting aren’t interested in your business. Instead, what they are interested in is hearing how their industry peers and overcoming challenges similar to themselves.
Gravitas reaches out to your ICP buyers to gather insights and turn these insights into content which is used at different stages across the buying cycle in both marketing and sales to attract, engage and convert high value sales transactions.
Gravitas helps our clients go to market with a insight led approach (and the lack of a vendor-led sales pitch) which gains the attention of decision makers and dramatically increases the chances that buyers will engage.
For Sales Organisations
We design and execute outbound quarterly lead generation campaigns using peer insights to find and qualify in-market leads to support short-term revenue pipeline. According to research by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and LinkedIn, this represents about 5% of your buyers in any given calendar quarter.
For Marketing Organisations
We design and execute demand generation campaigns that focus on long-term brand awareness and educating the approximate 95% of buyers that are not (yet) in-market so that they seek out our clients when they enter their buyer journey. By delivering consistent value (peer insights) over a long-term nurture timeline, we help our clients top-of-funnel momentum to support their future sales pipeline.
Our Client Reviews
We treat our client`s business like it`s our own.
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How It All Started in 2019
“I started selling home improvement products door to door on 100% commission when I was 22 years old which taught me early the importance of results. Since then I’ve set sales records at the largest real estate company in Europe and bootstrapped several companies to £1,000,000. I now help my clients achieve industry leading results with the same bootstrapped and results orientated mentality. The best marketing strategy is having happy clients and I hope the testimonials and case studies on our site show you how hard my team and I work to achieve this. I’d love to show you exactly how we can help your business on a call soon.”
Connor Addis Managing Director, Gravitas
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