Name withheld on request
Creating an Enterprise Sales Pipeline for an International Market Research Consultancy

Client: Name withheld on request

Location: London, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, and Denver

Industry: International Marketing Research and Consumer Insights

Period: 3 months

The Client

With an international client list that includes eBay, Ugg, Converse, Unilever, AB Inbev, and Tesco Families, the client is an international marketing and insights consultancy with offices in London, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, and Denver.

In terms of market research and consumer insights, the consultancy occupies a unique position across four continents to gather rich, deep, and clear intelligence at the source. They empower their enterprise clients to make decisions with confidence and connect with consumers in any locale.


enterprise-level leads in 3 months.

The Challenge
Despite its international footprint, the consultancy needed to more aggressively increase its client portfolio and sales channels. “They depended almost entirely on organic growth — most of their business came from referrals and, until recently, they didn’t even have a sales function in place,” explains Connor Addis Managing Director at “As a result, they found themselves under increasing pressure from their board and shareholders to increase sales and revenue.”

Responding to an outbound email campaign began on its own behalf, the CEO of the consultancy reached out for assistance getting in touch with its ideal prospects.
The Solution
The client needed to drum up new enterprise accounts — a task that is always a tricky proposition. The team began with meticulous manual research to put together a contact list it then submitted to the consultancy for review.
“At first, our new clients worry we can’t deliver leads that meet their business goals. We address that by having them approve the list of prospects we plan to approach,” says Addis. “That way they know they will be happy with every lead that comes through — that they are all accounts they want to do business with.”
With the prospect list approved, the campaign needed a hook, and proposed a basic value exchange. “Every major enterprise company has a consumer insights department, so we decided to leverage the consultancy’s influence and expertise,” says Addis. “Based on our research, we invited key decision-makers to attend an online seminar focused on emerging trends and best practices for market research.”
Putting the strategy into practice, began the consultancy’s personalised four-step email campaign.
The Results
In the often unresponsive enterprise ecosystem, achieved an email open rate of 63 per cent and a 14 per cent positive response rate.

“With very little time or effort invested by the client, the campaign was very effective,” says Addis. “The first three months yielded 112 leads from brands that include Kellog, Mcdonalds, Vodafone, AXA, the New York Times and Barclays.”
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