Highlighting Success to Drive Revenue with Outbound Email

Client: Just ThinkAutomation

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Automation saas selling into banking, retail & insurance

Period: 24 months

The Client

ThinkAutomation by Parker Software is a rules-based system ideal for businesses looking to automate their customer engagement processes and data flows. The system is application independent — ThinkAutomation improves responsiveness by monitoring SMS, email, and team messaging applications and parsing, and automatically updating CRM systems or databases with information as it comes in.


Leads within its target industries

Businesses can deploy ThinkAutomation on-premise or in the cloud and create drag-and-drop automations to ensure no customer communication is overlooked, and each message receives the right response.

ThinkAutomation’s 100 standard automations cover extensive business use cases. Its limitless extensibility through user-created Custom Actions makes ThinkAutomation indispensable to NASA, Cisco, Xerox, and Bank of America.

The Challenge
Despite a robust pipeline bringing in leads via an SEO-based approach, Parker Software, creators of ThinkAutomation, wanted wider exposure to improve their traction with decision makers in difficult-to-access industries.
The Solution
Based on previous success with other Parker Software products and lead-generation campaigns, the ThinkAutomation teamed turned, once again, to
“For ThinkAutomation, our team took a broad approach to give the product maximum visibility,” says Connor Addis. “We put an indirect email campaign into place, approaching solutions providers who had clients that would benefit from ThinkAutomation. We also used a direct-to-end-user campaign to target prospective clients in the tech, finance, and government sectors.”
To build influence and authority for ThinkAutomation, also ran a comprehensive LinkedIn content campaign highlighting the solution’s successful implementations in the tech and ecommerce fields.
“To demonstrate value for ThinkAutomation, we largely piggybacked off their many success stories, highlighting their current customers and use cases. We led our messaging with case studies relevant to our target markets,” explains Addis. “In our direct and indirect email campaigns, we manually researched prospects in key industries that aligned with ThinkAutomation business goals. Once Parker Software approved the contact list, we began a personalized four-email sequence that offered value upfront, rather than promised it later.”
The Results
Across its campaigns, brought Parker Software 156 leads within its target industries. Besides results derived from the email campaign, also significantly raised ThinkAutomation online profile.
“The ThinkAutomation LinkedIn account was pretty much dormant before Gravitas started working with us. Since then our network has grown by thousands and LinkedIn is now our main channel for new leads with a consistent flow of leads coming in most days,”
Benjamin Wilshaw | Customer Support Manager, Parker Software
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