Increasing Enterprise Awareness Through Thought Leadership and Targeted Outbound Email

Client: WHOSON

Location: United Kingdom

Industry: Live chat saas selling to enterprise finance, health & retail

Period: 6 months

The Client

WhosOn is a solution that allows companies in heavily regulated markets to leverage the benefits of AI chat usually limited to cloud-based solutions. Because it can run either on-premises or in the cloud, WhosOn also meets regulatory and compliance requirements most cloud-based solutions can’t.

This makes WhosOn an ideal solution for enterprise-level businesses in the healthcare, defence, government and financial sectors, where keeping confidential user information secure is obligatory.


leads with e-commerce retailers

The Challenge
Despite having an established and effective lead generation strategy relying on SEO and their web assets to drive interest, the WhosOn team felt they were missing prime opportunities to get their solution out in front of an expanded enterprise audience.

Believing they were leaving business on the table, WhosOn also felt that their potential to establish authority in the high-compliance AI chat sector was going unrealized.

“The company wanted to increase its exposure and improve its LinkedIn and social media footprints to strengthen its brand authority and appeal to industry leaders their SEO strategy wasn't reaching,” explains Connor Addis managing Director at Gravitas.io.

“We wanted to leverage LinkedIn as a lead source or communications channel,” adds Benjamin Wilshaw, Parker Software Customer Support Manager. “The goal was to increase our authority in the field of secure AI chat and gain attention from enterprise accounts.”
The Solution
Operating in uncharted territory and targeting a notoriously hard-to-crack enterprise market, WhosOn reached out to Gravitas.io to help them establish traction.
“For WhosOn we put together several bespoke campaigns,” says Addis. “We did LinkedIn outreach, targeted outbound email, and even a direct mail campaign where we sent out letters by post to generate leads with building societies.”
Personalising content to increase response rates
In addition to creating specialised content that increased WhosOn’s visibility and user engagement on LinkedIn, the Gravitas.io team conducted extensive manual research to identify ideal prospects for the brand’s targeted outbound email campaign.

Researching each prospect individually allowed Gravitas.io to personalise an email greeting for every recipient. The research team also researched alternate decision-makers in the event a primary contact was unresponsive. With a list of contacts complied, Gravitas submitted the list to WhosOn to confirm that all prospects aligned with the brand’s ideal client profile.

Next, relying on the principle of reciprocity to increase response rates to its proven four-step email strategy, Gravitas.io put together a value proposition for its contacts. “Because we were in the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns,” says Addis. “We offered discounted WhosOn subscription rates WhosOn to companies that had switched to remote work.”
The Results
Besides raising awareness of WhosOn with their targeted enterprise demographic, the Gravitas.io campaign resulted in 96 leads with e-commerce retailers, insurance providers, and healthcare and financial enterprises.
“Gravitas.io targeted outbound email has helped us generate leads and book meetings with many well-known brands. Over 18 months, they’ve also helped us raise brand awareness with our thought leadership and LinkedIn campaigns. I fully endorse their service.
Howard Williams | Commercial Director, Parker Software and WhosOn Principal
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