B2B Demand Generation

Buyers only transact with brands they know and trust.

Is yours one of them?


B2B Demand Generation Strategy

An effective B2B demand generation strategy targets two distinct buyer segments: those that are in-market (current potential leads), and those that are not (future potential leads).

This full-funnel approach ensures that you are building your lead pipeline for today and tomorrow.

buyers not yet in-market

future potential leads

For buyers not yet in-market (90%+ of the market in any given quarter), we help you engage them in the awareness channels where they go to learn about how their peers are solving similar business challenges to build trust until they are ready to buy.

This includes

  • Sharing insights
  • Answering questions
  • Facilitate conversations

    The early stage of a buyer journey is often referred to as Top of Funnel.

    buyers in-market

    current potential leads

    For in-market buyers (5-10%), we help you get found in the intent channels where they go to actively evaluate and buy your product or solution category.

    This includes

    • Optimizing your presence in online search
    • Influencer and review sites
    • Vendor directory sites, and your own website

      This is often referred to as “middle of funnel” and “bottom of funnel” stages.


      B2B Demand Generation Tactics

      One of the biggest challenges for vendor Marketing teams is resisting the urge to talk about themselves and their products – instead of helping buyers solving their pressing business challenges.

      We bridge this gap by helping vendors create peer-led content that their ICPs will find valuable because it features their peers.

      Here’s how we do it:

      • Identify topics of interest to ICPs that are aligned to vendor solution(s)
      • Target and recruit ICP decision leaders interested in discussing topics
      • Design content programming to feature ICP speakers (interview, panel, podcast, etc.)
        • Produce ICP-centric content assets (Gravitas branded, vendor sponsored)
        • Share content with ICPs to build brand awareness and preference and measure
        • Share content with in-market buyers for engagement and measure

          The goal is to ensure that you are providing a steady stream of useful insights to your ICPs until they are ready to buy so that they will talk to your sales reps.

          Full-funnel Revenue Services

          Peer Insights for Content Marketing

          Engaging ICP buyers to capture business insights for use in creating trusted (peer) content that will be consumed by ICP buyers.

          Insight-led Demand Generation

          Equipping Marketing teams with peer insights they can share with ICP buyers who are not yet in-market to educate, build trust and create demand.

          Insight-led Lead Generation

          Equipping Sales teams with peer insights they can share with ICP buyers who are in-market to initiate discovery conversations and sustain engagement.

          Ready To Build A Bigger Revenue Pipeline?

          Ready to build A Bigger Revenue Pipeline?