Adapting to AI: Transforming Consumer Marketing in the UK

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5 executives


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Join us for “Adapting to AI: Transforming Consumer Marketing in the UK”, a focused virtual roundtable exploring the ever-growing intersection of Artificial Intelligence and consumer-focused strategies. Discuss real-world challenges, triumphs, and evolving best practices as AI becomes integral to the UK’s marketing landscape.

Learn how your peers and industry pioneers are innovating and adapting, ensuring their strategies remain both relevant and effective in the age of AI.

Who Is This Event For

This session is tailored for Marketing Directors, Brand Managers, CMOs, and strategic decision-makers operating within the consumer-centric marketing sector of the UK.

It’s an opportunity for those keen on understanding and leveraging the transformative impact of AI on their campaigns.


Participate in this enlightening virtual roundtable via Zoom. Designed for interactivity, this platform ensures seamless discussions, peer-to-peer exchanges, and collective ideation, regardless of location.




This roundtable seeks to empower leaders to integrate and maximize AI in their marketing strategies:

  1. Insight: AI and the Modern Consumer – Personalisation Redefined.
  2. Predictive Analysis: How AI is Offering a New Lens to Understand Consumer Behaviour.
  3. Human vs. Machine: Finding the Balance in Creative Campaigns.
  4. Case Study: The Role of AI in Recent UK Marketing Successes.
  5. Q&A Session: Dive deep into discussions, ask questions, and gain insights from industry frontrunners.

Meet Our Moderator And Guests

Bruno Antunes Luis

Managing Director at Gaspard+Bruno

Bruno Antunes Luis, Managing Director at Gaspard+Bruno, has an impressive and diversified 10-year leadership experience in London and Lisbon. He’s been a Managing Partner with GBSquare in Lisbon & Coimbra for over seven years and played vital roles in Mougli (acquired by GoodBarber), CMA CGM, Amadeus, and STMicroelectronics.
With an engineering degree from Ecole nationale supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne and an MBA from the London School of Economics, Bruno’s expertise spans across multiple domains.

Stephanie Garey

Event Host of Steph's Events

Based in Bristol, Stephanie boasts over 13 years of experience as a presenter, event manager, and content creator. Notably, she has transitioned seamlessly into the digital age, hosting a myriad of virtual parties and events for a range of corporates. Presently, she’s the Master of Ceremonies at GDS Group, curating content for their signature podcast ‘Strategy for Breakfast’. Stephanie’s versatile career has seen her light up stages from music festivals to Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage. With a background in both music and event management, she truly understands the essence of audience engagement.

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