Boosting Employee Connection in Hybrid Working Environments: Bridging the Physical-Virtual Divide

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45 minutes


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Remote working has evolved from a temporary measure to a permanent aspect of our corporate landscape. As hybrid working continues to redefine the ‘new normal’, technology plays a crucial role as an enabler to improve employee connection and engagement.

This online talk focuses on how innovative technologies can foster a more inclusive and engaged hybrid workforce. We’ll delve into strategies to overcome feelings of isolation, cultivate a vibrant work culture, and maintain connection within your team, regardless of their geographical location. We’ll also share real-world examples and case studies, including companies that have successfully implemented these technologies to bridge the gap between remote and on-site staff.

Who Is This Event For

This talk is tailored for HR Directors, business owners, founders, and key decision-makers who are navigating the complexities of hybrid working environments. If you’re focused on maximising your team’s operational efficiency and fostering a culture of connection in a dispersed workforce, this is an event you won’t want to miss.


We’re taking advantage of the very technology we’ll be discussing – join us virtually via Microsoft Teams. This digital platform allows us to facilitate collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing, no matter where you’re located.

Join us to explore, learn, and collaborate. This online talk could be the first step towards revolutionising your company’s hybrid work culture.


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Deloitte Insight: Tech-Enhanced HR Systems and Operational Efficiency
  • Strategies for Employee Connection in Hybrid Working Environments
  • Overcoming Isolation and Fostering Engagement in Remote Settings
  • Case Studies: Successful Platforms Bridging the Physical-Virtual Divide
  • Q&A Session
  • Closing & Networking Opportunities

Meet Our Moderator And Guests

Anthony Olivier

VP of Sales for UK&I at AVI-SPL

Anthony Olivier specialises in fostering effective communication and collaboration within organisations. With a background encompassing roles at Synergy SKY, GPA, Omega Digital, and Extron, he brings extensive expertise to his position. A graduate of Harvard Business School Online and the University of Cape Town, Olivier is committed to resolving intricate organisational problems through improved collaboration.

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