How To Build In-House AI Technology and Increase Your Enterprise Value

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5 executives


45 minutes


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In an increasingly digital world, proprietary AI technology has become a game-changer across industries. Join us for an interactive online talk to uncover how businesses are leveraging their unique customer data to develop in-house AI, enhancing accuracy and data privacy, and standing out in competitive markets. Whether legal, tech, healthcare, or finance, this session offers insights to increase your valuation by up to 300% through cutting-edge AI strategies.

Who Is This Event For

This event is tailored for CEOs, business owners, technology officers, and key decision-makers across all industries. If you are focused on innovation and seeking ways to differentiate your services, this talk is for you.


Connect with us remotely for this Virtual Round Table event. Our digital platform allows for an engaging discussion and collaboration, irrespective of geographic location, catalysing innovation and strategic growth.

Join us to elevate your business strategy by implementing proprietary AI technology. Learn from real-world examples and leave with actionable insights applicable across all sectors. Your team members are encouraged to attend and engage in this exciting conversation.


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Proprietary AI: Benefits across sectors
  • Boost Valuation: In-house AI’s impact
  • Real-World AI Applications: Expedite processes, optimise research
  • Value-Based Pricing: Shift from hourly billing
  • In-House AI vs API: Pros, Cons, Examples
  • Q&A: Industry-specific insights
  • Closing & Networking Opportunities

Meet Our Moderator And Guests

Bruno Antunes Luis

Managing Director at Gaspard+Bruno

Bruno Antunes Luis, Managing Director at Gaspard+Bruno, has an impressive and diversified 10-year leadership experience in London and Lisbon. He’s been a Managing Partner with GBSquare in Lisbon & Coimbra for over seven years and played vital roles in Mougli (acquired by GoodBarber), CMA CGM, Amadeus, and STMicroelectronics.
With an engineering degree from Ecole nationale supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne and an MBA from the London School of Economics, Bruno’s expertise spans across multiple domains.

Here are the 3 major benefits for those attending your B2B events:

Cross-industry learning
Gain insights from peers across industries to overcome common challenges
Networking opportunities
Connect with industry peers for potential collaborations and business growth
Access to top vendors
Learn from leading vendors providing valuable solutions without any hard sell

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