How To Dramatically Improve Your Customer Support with Chat-GPT Integration

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5 executives


45 minutes


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In today’s world, customer support is critical to business success, and ensuring data security while enhancing response time is vital. Join us for an insightful talk to understand how to securely integrate your company data with Chat-GPT and transform your customer support experience.

During this talk, we will reveal the Gartner-recognised solution that guarantees your data’s security while significantly enhancing customer engagement. Learn from real-world examples how Chat-GPT, when combined with your company data, offers instant support through phone, online chat, and email, all while complying with GDPR.

Who Is This Event For

This online discussion is crafted for IT Managers, Data Security Officers, Customer Support Heads, and key decision-makers who are looking to automate support requests and elevate customer satisfaction.


Participate from anywhere in our Virtual Discussion via Microsoft Teams. Engage in rich, collaborative dialogues without geographical constraints, and be part of a community that drives innovation and customer-centric solutions.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of customer support innovation. Join us to understand how to provide instant, secure, and effective responses to your customers using Chat-GPT. Secure your spot today!


Dedicated to creating an environment that supports advanced customer interactions:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Gartner Insight: Data Security in Customer Support Integration
  • How to Integrate Company Data with Chat-GPT Securely
  • Case Studies: Improving Customer Experience with Chat-GPT
  • McKinsey Report: Automating 45% of Basic Support Requests
  • Accenture’s Perspective: Avoiding Customer Switching Through Instant Support
  • Live Demonstration: How Customers Ask and Receive Answers Instantly
  • Q&A Session
  • Closing & Networking Opportunities

Meet Our Moderator And Guests

Ben Wilshaw

Customer Success Manager at Parker Software

Ben Wilshaw, Customer Success Manager at Parker Software in the Greater Cheshire West and Chester Area, brings vast experience in the IT and software industry. Specialising in automation, he’s adept in Technical fields, Management, and Customer Service. With a track record of aiding companies like Xerox, Cisco, Addison Lee, and EweMove in automating various processes, Ben has demonstrated his expertise in increasing efficiency and saving time and money. His hands-on approach has turned manual workflows into automated solutions.

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