Optimise Your Cellular Connectivity: Strategies for Efficiency and Cost Reduction

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Deutsche Telekom IoT


Join Deutsche Telekom IoT for a focused 121 workshop where we delve into efficient cellular estate management with an emphasis on reducing your total cost of ownership. Utilising practical examples from our extensive experience, we aim to guide you through enhancing the performance and reliability of your cellular-integrated products.

We’ll present strategies and innovative solutions that streamline processes, minimise downtime, and offer significant cost savings. The goal of this workshop is to equip you with practical knowledge for effective management of large-scale cellular estates, allowing for more efficient operations and improved product performance.

Who Is This Event For

This workshop is tailored for Operations Directors, IT Managers, CTOs, and decision-makers from companies utilising cellular connectivity in their operations or products. We’re here to assist those seeking to maximise operational efficiency and reduce their cellular estate’s total cost of ownership.


Join us remotely for our insightful Virtual Workshop via Microsoft Teams. This platform enables collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing, fostering innovation and operational efficiency, no matter where you are.


Our workshop will equip businesses to optimise their cellular estate management:

  • Insight: Efficiency and Cost-Reduction Strategies in Cellular Estate Management
  • Leveraging Real-Time SIM Management for Operational Efficiency
  • Strategies for Lowering Total Cost of Ownership in Your Cellular Estate
  • Case study: Deutsche Telekom IoT’s Pioneering Approach to Cellular Estate Management
  • Q&A Session

Meet Our Host

Simon Boyd

International Account Director - IoT

Simon Boyd is an experienced professional in the telecommunications sector, particularly in cellular connectivity and IoT. He has held key roles in numerous major industry players, utilising his deep understanding and passion for IoT to drive growth and innovation. Simon’s expertise and dedication make him a dynamic force in the evolving landscape of digital communication technologies.

Here are the 3 major benefits for those attending your B2B events:

Cross-industry learning
Gain insights from peers across industries to overcome common challenges
Networking opportunities
Connect with industry peers for potential collaborations and business growth
Access to top vendors
Learn from leading vendors providing valuable solutions without any hard sell

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