Insight-led B2B Lead Generation

Are you selling, or helping people buy?


B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Finding and engaging sales-ready leads is increasingly difficult as buyers seek fewer vendor sales rep interactions. That’s why it’s important to offer value to buyers to gain their trust and willingness to accept a call or meeting.

We help B2B Sales organizations improve their lead generation strategy by:

  • 1.

    Refining the ICP definitions to ensure better solution fit and more targeted list development.
  • 2.

    Developing a value exchange of peer insights and/or industry research to motivate prospect engagement.
  • 3.

    Testing insight-led outreach against existing lead generation campaigns to optimize results.


B2B Lead Generation Tactics

The success of our multi-touch outreach campaigns perform better because we focus on the three key drivers of B2B lead generation success:

  • STEP 1
    List research and validation

    First, we don’t simply buy B2B lead lists – we conduct research to verify ICP and buyer persona fit before initiating outreach. The result is improved list quality.

  • STEP 2
    Tailored conversation narratives

    Second, we go beyond creating “one size fits all” teleprospecting lists by personalizing outreach talking points to address challenges within the buyer’s role and industry – including sharing insights. The result is improved connect rates and discovery insight.

  • STEP 3
    Lead qualifying

    Finally, we apply greater rigor in our qualifying assessment to ensure ICP fit and in-market timing before routing leads to your sales account executive. The result is improved sales efficiency by talking to fewer, sales-ready leads and improved Lead-to-Opportunity conversion rates.

Our tactics mix includes the following:

  • Define/refine target ICP definitions
  • Segment and prioritize contacts (organic vs. purchased lists)>
  • Develop multi-touch outreach campaign (email, LinkedIn)
  • Develop value exchange (research, expert talk, panel invitation, etc.)
  • Produce insight-led content & conversation track
  • Launch touch cycle cadence and optimize

Full-funnel Revenue Services

Peer Insights for Content Marketing

Engaging ICP buyers to capture business insights for use in creating trusted (peer) content that will be consumed by ICP buyers.

Insight-led Demand Generation

Equipping Marketing teams with peer insights they can share with ICP buyers who are not yet in-market to educate, build trust and create demand.

Insight-led Lead Generation

Equipping Sales teams with peer insights they can share with ICP buyers who are in-market to initiate discovery conversations and sustain engagement.

Ready To Talk To More Sales-Ready Leads?

Ready to talk to more sales-ready leads?