Hand Researched Leads
Save hours each week researching prospect information and verifying contact data by letting Gravitas manage this for you. In seven days, we will return a minimum of 500 hand-curated leads to you. To ensure every contact researched has the highest chance of being a good fit for your business, Gravitas combines manual research with technology, including Bombora's intent data, allowing us to target accounts actively researching your company's services.
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Lead Research
Expected Results:
8+ Appointments
12+ Appointments
14+ Appointments
Minimum contract duration
3 Months
3 months
6 Months
Hand researched leads
Sending mailboxes
LinkedIn Account Managed
Lead Nurturing Campaign
Social Media Monitoring
Email Infrastructure Setup & Anti-Spam with Glockapps
Copywriting and A/B testing
Dedicated team (AM, SDR, Researcher, Copywriter, Email Deliverability Expert)
Live Reporting updated every 20 minutes
Our team research every target account and write a 100% personalised line. (Boosts Response Rates)
Minimum Order
500+ Prospects
Data Points We Research
First name, Company name, Profile LinkedIn URL, Company Website, Job Title, Email Address, City
Ideal Customer Profile Consultation
<1% email bounce rate
Bombora Intent Data A pillar of the Gravitas.io tech stack, Bombora Company Surge® Analytics aggregates B2B intent by monitoring the website behaviour and content consumption of over 7.1 million companies.

Bombora tools allow us to focus on companies that have demonstrated a current interest in the services or products you provide.
Crunchbase Finance Data Crunchbase shows us who has received funding, when, how much, and who invested.

Understanding the angles, your team can prioritise accounts that have recently received Seed, Series A, B, C, or D funding and are ripe for engagement.
G2 & Builtwith Tech Data G2 & Builtwith Tech Data: Leveraging industry knowledge bases like BuiltWith and G2 in addition to our proprietary data sources, Gravitas.io identifies prospects whose current tech stack is compatible with your solution.
Turnaround time
1 week
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Our Client Reviews
We treat our client`s business like it`s our own.
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Questions and Answers
Is there a minimum contract length?
The minimum contract length is three months for the Traction plan and six months for the Growth and Scale plan. We've found that 12 weeks is the minimum time we need to create and deliver an effective campaign.

However, six months is ideal for the best results - we have clients who signed on to three-month plans and are still with us years later.
What is the difference between manual research and simply downloading from a database?
Unlike other companies, we don’t collect our leads through databases. That’s because databases aren’t tailored to your audience – they’re a pool of accounts that everyone has access to. When other companies use contacts from a database, they’re all just contacting the same group of people over and over again.

We do things differently. Our team uses LinkedIn to map out which contacts work at an account and manually verify their contact data. This gives us the most up-to-date data and allows us to reach out to an audience that other companies aren’t using. We also make sure every contact is approved by you before we send that first email, so they can be sure we’re approaching the right people for your company.
Are the email campaigns you run GDPR compliant?
Absolutely. We’ve had extensive legal advice to ensure all our practices are GDPR compliant. We maintain a do-not-contact list to ensure we never contact a prospect who has opted out of communications, and all our emails provide a way for prospects to let us know if they no longer want to receive correspondence. We also have templated responses, written by our lawyers, for GDPR requests on how we process data and what data we collect.
How do we keep track of results?
All results from the campaign, as well as leads who have not replied, are recorded in a Google Sheet with different tabs for the varying statuses. These sheets are updated every 20 minutes so you have access to live data. We can also set up an integration so leads are updated directly in your CRM system.
Do you have experience specific to our industry/vertical?
While we’ve worked across professional services, technology, SAAS and manufacturing, our specialty and focus is B2B sales. We’re experts at starting conversations with target accounts in the B2B space, no matter what industry.

If you’d like to see some examples of our past work, we have plenty of case studies here [LINK].
What is a Lead Nurturing campaign?
Not all leads are looking to purchase at the time of contact. With a Lead Nurturing campaign, we develop a playbook to keep your leads engaged until they’re ready to go ahead. This campaign involves keeping in touch with prospects, sharing insights, and continually providing value to keep you at the front of their mind over the long term.
What is Social Media Monitoring?
With Social Media Monitoring, our team identifies the online communities where your ideal customer group gathers, then continually monitors them to find opportunities to engage.

This may look like recommending you in a Facebook group where people are asking for a similar service, or sending you a link to a question on Reddit where we think you could start a conversation. We work across all major social media platforms, with particular emphasis on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Zoom.
How long does it take to get started?
We only need two hours from our clients to launch a campaign; everything else is handled by us.

When it comes to results, most campaigns start slow, and our first leads typically come in by week three. This typically increases rapidly in months two and three as we increase our momentum on the campaign.
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