Buyers only transact with brands they know and trust. – Is yours one of them?


B2B Demand Generation Strategy

An Effective B2B demand generation strategy targets two distinct buyer segments:  those that are in-market (current potential leads), and those that are not (future potential leads).

This full-funnel approach ensures that you are building your line pipeline for today and tomorrow.

Buyers not yet in-market

(Peer-Led Content)

For buyers not yet in-market (90%+ of the market in any given quarter), we help you engage your ICP in the awareness channels through peer-led content.

This includes

Short-form peer insight videos

Long-form interviews with your ICP

Research reports and articles

Buyers in-market

(Peer-Led Events)

For in-market buyers (5-10%), we help you become part of the conversation through events as decision makers discuss challenges and insights with their industry peers.

This includes

Facilitating peer-led dinner events

Virtual round-tables for peer conversations

Peer-led panel discussions through webinars