ICP insights for content marketing

The power of peer-led insights

B2B buyers prefer to turn to their peers for advice on how to approach business challenges, evaluate vendors and deploy solutions. As a result, vendors should facilitate ICP conversations instead of trying to lead the conversation.

We help B2B marketing teams collect peer insights from their target buyer personas to share with their ICPs and create brand awareness, engagement and interest as part of their demand generation efforts.

This shift in content marketing strategy from vendor ‘thought leadership’ to peer insights elevates the perception of the vendor to a facilitator of valuable industry conversations and idea exchange – and this is what buyers want.

Instead of falling into the trap of more solution-led narratives, B2B brands can also use these insights to increase and maintain the engagement of their lead generation pipeline.

3 simple steps

The key to successfully engaging and influencing buyers is to help them understand how their peers approach similar challenges or opportunities. Doing this requires vendors to pivot their narratives from a product-led focus to an insight-led focus.

We apply a simple 3-step process that can be repeated on a weekly or monthly basis to support a full-funnel demand generation strategy.

B2B buyer insight gathering

We design and facilitate a variety of buyer conversations to gather authentic B2B peer insights that can drive your lead generation and demand generation campaigns.

Each insight exchange can be recorded and arranged into a series of assets to support ongoing episodic content formats, such as podcasts, expert video series and more.

The result is a rich collection of ICP perspectives, as well as valuable facts and quotes that can be used as part of your content marketing, social media and lead generation strategies.

The power of peer-led insights

Short-form videos

Our short-form video assets are a great way to supercharge your organic social media posts, digital ads and landing pages, sales outreach emails and more. Buyers want to see their peers talking about similar challenges and how to solve them.

By sharing peer insights with your ICPs, you can diversify your messaging beyond product/brand-led messages and improve conversion rates. Embed or link these powerful video assets into market education initiatives or specific funnel-stage campaigns to increase engagement.

Here’s how we do it:

Identify topics of interest to ICPs that are aligned to vendor solution(s)

Target and recruit ICP decision leaders interested in discussing topics

Design content programming to feature ICP speakers (interview, panel, podcast, etc.)

Produce ICP-centric content assets (Gravitas branded, vendor sponsored)

Share content with ICPs to build brand awareness and preference and measure

Share content with in-market buyers for engagement and measure

The goal is to ensure that you are providing a steady stream of useful insights to your ICPs until they are ready to buy so that they will talk to your sales reps.