Become part of ICP conversations

Research shows that B2B C-level decision-makers often evaluate suppliers and make decisions on new initiatives by relying heavily on input from their peers.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 91% of executives believe that talking to peers is one of the most effective ways to evaluate a potential supplier or partner.

To effectively reach and influence these decision-makers, Gravitas organises in-person and online events for industry leaders to meet, discuss and share insights.

Gravitas helps B2B companies join important conversations taking place amongst their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Our dinner events and virtual round tables provide a platform for C-level decision-makers to exchange ideas and seek guidance on new initiatives.

We understand the significance of being part of ICP conversations that shape new business initiatives. By joining these conversations, our clients are able to position themselves as trusted advisors and drive growth. Let Gravitas help you join the conversation and drive your business forward.

The power of insight-led events

Executive dinners

Executive dinners provide industry leaders with an event to meet their peers in a relaxed setting, discuss common challenges and share insights. Attendees engage in discussions through dinner and drinks, exchanging ideas and opportunities, and establishing new relationships.

Industry leaders often turn to their peers for advice and to discuss strategies. This gives sponsors an opportunity to be part of the conversation, provide value and create new business opportunities.

Virtual Roundtables

Virtual roundtables provide an online forum for industry leaders to discuss a key challenge amongst peers and learn from each other’s experiences. The small group setting ensures each attendee engages in the conversation.

Roundtables offer sponsors the chance to be part of their ICP peer conversations, showcase their expertise and provide value to the attendees. Through consistent engagement with decision-makers, sponsors strengthen relationships, ultimately leading to new business opportunities.


Gravitas organises webinars led by industry leaders, a moderator and one sponsor. This format ensures the conversation isn’t vendor-led and offers value to attendees by giving peer insights which they trust.

Webinar topics focus on current challenges facing the industry, with sponsors adding to the conversation by providing education and insights. Gravitas repurposes webinars into short-form video assets which can be used by sponsors in demand-generation campaigns.

Here’s how we do it:

Identify: Consult our advisory board to identify the market’s challenges and formulate an event topic.

Target: recruit ICP decision-makers interested in attending and/or sharing insights at the event.

Design: choose the event’s location, time and structure, whether online or in person.

Value: based on the key challenges, invite a best-in-breed solution provider who adds maximum value to the conversation.

Moderate: we ensure the event runs smoothly from start to finish. We moderate the event to ensure all attendees engage and receive value.

Support: we provide post event support for attendees and sponsors to ensure connections are created when approved by both sides.

The goal is to ensure first and foremost that those attending the event receive maximum value and are provided an opportunity to learn from their industry peers.