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We connect B2B brands with their ICP to build trust and grow sales

We capture ICP insights and package them into content assets that increase brand trust and drive conversions

We host ICP events to discuss current challenges and introduce your brand to the conversation

Only 5% of your buyers are in-market and
43% don’t want to talk to your sales reps

Sources: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Gartner.

Maybe it’s time to rethink your lead generation strategy

The sales funnel challenge

Your marketing and sales teams are under pressure to deliver on short-term revenue objectives, so they focus on in-market buyers actively seeking their solution while largely ignoring out-of-market buyers that represent their future sales pipeline.

This leaves them competing at the bottom of the funnel for a small set of customers, and because buyers trust peers more than vendors, they largely ignore vendor lead generation and sales outreach efforts.

Peer insight sharing
(a better way)

We put your  ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and best customers at the centre of your campaign content to increase conversion. By conducting research and interviews and hosting discussions with your buyers we are able to capture candid insights and create peer-centred content that will improve lead generation campaigns and sales pipeline engagement. Why? Because buyers trust peers more than vendors, so we give them what they want: peer insights and voice-of-customer stories.

Insight-led content & event programmes

Gravitas’ insight-led content & event programmes are the ‘secret’ addition marketing leaders use to create demand, generate leads and empower their sales teams to accelerate sales opportunities.

Our insight-led programs include:

Research your ICPs to uncover topics of interest

Recruit ICPs to attend recorded interviews

Short & Long-form video assets for creating demand

Dinner & virtual roundtable events

Research reports & articles created from insights

Insights for your sales teams to accelerate opportunities

With Gravitas’ content programmes, you receive a stream of insight-led content that creates demand and cuts through the noise in the busiest markets.

Full-funnel content marketing

Peer insights for demand generation

Educate buyers who are not yet in-market by sharing valuable peer insights and bespoke research to build trust and future revenue pipeline.

Peer content for ABM and lead generation

Engage in-market buyers with more than webinars and case studies – give them access to on-demand peer insights to improve the effectiveness of your account-based marketing (ABM) and lead generation campaigns.

Peer insights for sales conversation

Empower your sales teams to have meaningful conversations with their pipeline opportunities by sharing useful peer and customer insights that build relationships and help them close more deals.

The flyWheel effect:
ICP insights provide value across your organisation.

Uncover strategy opportunities, including untapped products/services and CX improvements to reduce churn

Create a unified view of the buyer to align your sales and marketing teams, improving their ability to build trust with the market and close more deals

Strengthen your brand reputation by enabling your ICPs to share their positive interactions in dark social channels(demonstrating that your brand cares what your ICPs think)

Identify opportunities to build an ICP community for competitive advantage